PDP Air Thermo

A Warm Scalp Means a Healthy Mind

Keep your Head Healthy and Warm

The one way our heat products help your health is increasing blood circulation. The PDP Air Thermo uses some of the latest heating technology to help keep your hair and scalp healthy using warmth.

Keeping your head properly warm helps creates more blood flow which will give you a myriad of effects to benefit from. The first benefit of increase blood flow is hair quality. The hair follicles benefit from the increased flow which leads to stronger hair that has a less chance of falling out. On top of healthier hair in increases oxygen flow to the brain which can help with mental fatigue and help prevent memory memory misshaps.

Innovative Technology to Keep you and your Hair Warm and Healthy

 “Hot air ray” generated by PDP and negative ion would be taking care of hair and scalp to grow and maintain a beautiful hair and healthy body.


Three Versatile Attachments


A Hair Diffuser  diffuses the air from the hair dryer to evenly dry your hair and help prevent damage. Curly hair gets the most benefits from this method, Diffusers dry the curls with indirect heat, helping maximize volume while limiting frizz.


The Hairdryer Pick is an attachment that helps straighten and dry hair. The hair Pick specializes at creating volume and lift.


The concentrator are a flat attachment that helps create a more direct airflow for smoother and more concentrated styles. Ideally best when trying to achieve a straight blowout.

Product Specifications

Voltage / Power Consumption 100V / 1111W(Max)
Accessories Diffuser, Pick, Concentrator
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